Beyond the Rain.

you close your eyes
the shattered glass
cloudy skies.
The mask you wear.
The pain that grows
A broken path
the one you chose.
But in the dark
I won’t let you fall
lose yourself
You’ll hear my call.
Despite your pain
I’ll wait for you
beneath the rain
until it’s through.
And on the day
you free your eyes
You’ll see the sun
the clear blue skies.
You’ll remove the mask
release your pain
and walk the path
beyond the rain.

Make a wish.

Make a wish.

Down a Lonely Road.

Every day we walk
down a lonely road
with deformities
in every single step.
The Illuminati,
mind control,
A simple thought
A black rainbow.
The devil’s in the pantry
there’s ravens in the yard.
Don’t stare at the sun
you might go blind.
A moon that’s now full
in a sky that’s too dark.
The wolves are all disguised
in the clothing of sheep.
Spinning, spiraling..
deep into the ground.
Better break the mirrors,
before they turn around.
Creep around each corner
go for the gun..
terminate the shadow
always on the run.
Heart attack,
veins that bleed.
You’re dreaming when you’re awake.
In a cold and dreary world
on an endless summer night
forever, always running
down a lonely road.

To start anew.

to start
a new
in red.
in darkness
a new.

Underneath Lies Pain That Will Never Fade.

a cryptic scene
a mind of
and broken dreams
tear and shred
leave a scar
to heal,
or transcend.

Drown Away.

Hello solemn night,
weak and fading light
watch it burn away
watch it take my sight.

Hello graceful sky,
seductive little lie.
Down another bottle
as the end draws nigh..

Goodbye dying light,
make it all alright.
Drown away the pain
at least for just one night.

What You Fear.

I am the righteous
I am the fall
I am the drunkard
I am the all.
I am the whisper
I am the shame
I am the rust
that’s tainted your name.
I am the broken
I am the frail
I am not willing
to let this derail.
I am the needle
I am the pill
I am the fuck up
I am the kill.
I am the silence
left all alone.
I am the ending
you cannot postpone.
I am the monster
I am the tear
I am a demon
I’m what you fear.

Into the Dark.

I’m not afraid of life
but I fear the knife..
hold it to my throat,
I’m losing self control
I don’t know where to go
this picture painted itself
Who the fuck am I?
my face is in the clouds.
I don’t know which way
On a road with two paths
one going left, one going right
I walk into the dark

As Weak as a Windstorm.

Time is a nightmare
shattering glass
burning through the ruins
desecrating life.
God is a memory
and God is a gun
solitude is broken
and never undone.

I walk beneath the shadow
through the valley of myself
and glance upon the demons
with cold empty eyes.
Their faces are blank
their heads are all blown
covered in stiches
that never were sewn.

I’m chained and I’m bound
tortured and gagged.
The scars upon my body
implicate a crime.
My voice is a ghost
a whisper unheard
so weak and so futile
My vision is blurred

The immensity of tragedy
consequence nothing
A moral conviction
wrought in cold blood.
Beneath the vast shadow
with no one to blame
as weak as a windstorm
that could not snuff a flame.

Down a Dark Highway.

Down a dark highway
lost and alone
continually driving
with nowhere to go.
Expressions of guilt
blur past in bright lines
deep empty shadows
carved with sharp knives.
The cold empty kisses
and silent goodbyes
a flame in the darkness
burning like ice.
Down a dark highway
With nowhere to go
continually driving
lost and alone.


Tyrion's the name, and you've entered my sanctuary. As a brief introduction, I'm an artist of sorts from Washington state. Although my true passion is writing, I'm also a Graphic Artist, Web Designer, and Amateur Photographer. Here I will share some of my work. Tis' my hope that someone else will get something out of it!

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