Soul Astray.

Subtle trotting
the road is winding
on a horse
that pulls
its reins.

Tearing, pulling
fall apart
the sun is golden
to depart

in whispers;
to venture far,
petals fallen
a frail demise.

Under dreamscapes
beneath the grey,
going nowhere
soul astray.

Nothing but Grey

I’m lost
a grave
too deep
to dig.
not saved.
A world
that’s dreaming
in blood
and anger.
with nothing
but grey.


Death is lonely
Death is bleak
Death is a rainstorm
bringing us ease.

Death is a light
Death is the dark
Death is indifference
Death is a spark.

Death is the world
Death is a dream
Death is so simple
Death brings relief

Death is the tears
Death is in life
Death is the pain
Death is a knife

Death is the moment
Death is the fall
Death is a god
killing us all.

Mary Bell.

An ache to kill
potential thrill
so fascinating
so red.

To press against
tender skin
to leave a mark
deep within.

killing dreams
stitching seams
wide eyed

Broken Mary
heart of black..
murders so
she may come back.

Let Go

In your eyes
I feel warm
In your arms
I feel safe
but the waves
crash and pull
not quite yet.
Cold and fading
in your heart
a lonely sunset
I let go.

Once Again.

Rain is falling
once again
pouring down
outside my door.
Lost within
aloft in dreams
broken record
on repeat..
Moment sombre
sleepless nights
the stars are calling
pouring down.
Outside my window
and all around
rain is falling
once again.

Take Us Away Tonight.

We watch
the waves
wash away
The sound
of pain
with beauty
imposed —
heart shaped
with you.
Take us away

Don’t Stop the Rain.

White waves rolling
don’t stop the rain.
It’s all retreating
don’t stop the rain.
Wolves gather howling
don’t stop the rain.
White wings unfolding
don’t stop the rain.

Far and Away (Out of My MInd).

Open your door
and let me in
I trust in you
my shadow confides.
The trees blaze by
in a mesh of cold scars
across my face
far and away.
For I am the way
and you are the key
a secret path
that leads me somewhere..
but I don’t care where
as long as it’s far
out of this town
out of my mind.


Tyrion's the name, and you've entered my sanctuary. As a brief introduction, I'm an artist of sorts from Washington state. Although my true passion is writing, I'm also a Graphic Artist, Web Designer, and Amateur Photographer. Here I will share some of my work. Tis' my hope that someone else will get something out of it!

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